About Us

Here at Selah and Stone we aim to create beautiful, timeless pieces to bring into your most cherished moments of embracing your beloved new borns and the years that follow.  We are Jacob and Tegan, a husband and wife team, with two gorgeous little girls, based out of Melbourne, Australia. We spent around 6 years collectively with a non-profit organisation doing voluntary missions work around the world before settling in Melbourne in late 2017 awaiting the arrival of our first daughter.

The journey of forming this company has been long and quite the adventure, but we are so delighted to see our dream come into fruition. Our debut collection is simplistic, luxurious and we hope that you love it as much as we do.
our little family

The Story Behind Our Name

Our name is one that we hold very close and is one that honours and remembers two precious lives in our family. In 2018 we heartbreakingly lost our baby girl to a miscarriage at almost 14 weeks. My husband and I both felt like we should name her to help celebrate her short life and to help us in our grieving process. Her name is Selah Grace.

While still dealing with the devastation and pain of freshly losing Selah, 6 weeks later we woke up to the news that our 10 week old nephew had unexpectedly passed away in his sleep. His name is Stone Lake and though he was only a new born, he had the most tender, loving gaze and life changing effect on people. He was the happiest, sweetest little man with the sweetest temperament and filled his family’s lives with absolute love and joy.

After experiencing these two heart wrenching losses, my understanding grew to really grasp just how much of a miracle it truly is to become pregnant, to carry and nurture that little life and to give birth. Pregnancy and infant loss awareness is something that our hearts feel drawn towards. We are still searching for ways to best support women who have experienced these losses or an organisation to partner with, but if you or someone you know has recently suffered a loss please contact us. We would love to send a care package, a voucher for food or even just listen to your story if you need someone to talk to.