Helping Women Currently Experiencing Miscarriage & Infant Loss

If you’ve read “Our Story” then you know that the pain of miscarriage and infant loss is something very close to our hearts. 

When we started Selah + Stone we wanted to be more than just another brand, we wanted to raise awareness around miscarriage & infant loss - and give people the opportunity to share their stories with us, so that together we can heal. 

Estimates are that 1 in 5 women experience miscarriage (and as many as 1 in 3), yet so few have the opportunity and space to speak about their loss. 

We lost our little Selah to miscarriage at 14-weeks (and later Jonathan at 13-weeks as we launched Selah + Stone), and our 10-week old nephew, Stone just 6 weeks later to SIDS. 

During this time of pain, grieving, and trying to pick up the pieces - we felt most supported when a friend would send us a voucher for takeaway, or a family member would stop in with groceries or a prepared meal. The truth is, when you are facing this sort of loss & pain it’s difficult to get out of bed, let alone think about meals. 

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to practically help out real mums who are experiencing miscarriage & infant loss right now. 

Every single day we receive a message with a story of someone’s loss, or a friend reaching out asking if we know how they can help someone going through loss right now. 

This is our bit, our part to play in the journey. That’s why part of every single purchase goes to helping those in need. 

When you make a purchase from us, part of that goes to sending a gift card for takeaway to a mum who just lost one of her twins to miscarriage in Adelaide, after previously already experiencing so much loss. Part of it goes to helping with meals for a mum in Melbourne whose friend reached out to us for help after she lost both of her twins to a miscarriage at 10-weeks. 

You might be wondering how much of your purchase goes to helping these mums. To be completely transparent and honest, our business is currently not profitable, and we currently take nothing from it for ourselves, yet we feel it is our mission to help those experiencing these loses regardless. We believe this is our number one priority and mission. 

We hope that together heal, and help support those in our community.

With Love,

Tegan + Jacob